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Oppai = Breasts Tensai = Genius
Oppai Tensai = Genius of Breasts
BUSTing out in Winter 2009!


Have you ever watched an anime, read a manga, or played a game, and wondered to yourself:

"Gee, which girl has the biggest chest?"


Then you're just odd.

For the rest of us, that is the sole purpose of Oppai Tensai - to categorize and sort all your favorite female characters according to their chest size. No longer will fans be in doubt whether one character is bigger than another, or if another character can be considered loli. No show, manga, or game will escape our scrutinizing eyes - Oppai Tensai will be THE "Valley of the Gods".


Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Bust Chart
Sample Chart: Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
  • When available, series will have official bust charts, provided by fanbooks, company websites, or otherwise credible sources
  • Measurements will also be recorded - bust, hip, and waist sizes. From our database, users can then enter a range of values and pull up characters matching those traits!
  • User contributed galleries for each character, encompassing both official and fan arts, filtered for accuracy!
Queen's Blade
Sample Battle: Queen's Blade
  • BOSOM BATTLE: Every week, users can pit their favorite characters against each other in a BOSOM BATTLE! Part Popularity Contest, part Image Dump, users will contribute their favorite images of each contestant, and then a week long poll will be held to see who comes out on top!
  • Users will be able to enter characters from different series, and seasonly competitions will be held, with the winning character crowned MELON QUEEN
Other features include:
  • Forums
  • Videos - because breast physics are the most important physics of all
  • Convention Gatherings - affectionately labeled the OPPAI BRIGADE, armbands and tissues will be provided! (For nosebleeds)

  • COSPLAY - Cosplayers can submit pictures of their costumes, and also participate in Bosom Battles. Think you're stacked against the other famous cosplayers out there? Think you can REALLY pull off Starboobs Yoko? Let the followers of Oppai Tensai decide!
Genshiken Cosplay